How long will the balloons last?

Balloons are guaranteed  for 2 days under normal circumstances indoors. Many designs can last from a week to a month.
Damage by person(s) is the responsibility of the client once the order is complete.

How much lead time is needed to order?

The more lead time the better. Under special circomstances if we are not priorly booked we may be able to accommodate the need for last minute jobs.
“Letting Go” is almost always a last minute need, but as much time as possible would be appreciated as to best fill your order beautifully.

How long will my decor take to create?

This will depend on the job. Every project is customized and installation will vary. This will be a question that you should ask if the designer has not already confirmed it with you.

Can i pick up my order?

For smaller orders we can make an exception but in most cases transportation will take the use of a very large vehicle.
We prefer to install on site.

Is there a minimum order?

We have a minimum order of $100 for smaller events.
Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, New Years Eve Packages, and Corporate events accrue a $500 minimum

Is there a delivery fee?

In most cases the work is created on site and prices would include delivery.
In cases where its pre-made work to be dropped off there will be a delivery fee  minimum of $25.

Is there a cost for breaking down the decor?

There is a minimum fee of $50 for take down. The cost of removal may increase depending on distance and time of the take down.

What form of payment do you accept?

Visa, CASH, Master Card, CASH,  Discover, CASH, Amex, CASH, Corporate checks,  and CASH!
Payment must always be paid in full on completion of the day of the event or prior to the day of the event. We do not bill for future payment.

Is a deposit required?

Deposits will be required for larger projects, again the ammount will depend on the size of the job and materials needed. During your conceltation these items should be addressed.


There are times when equipment may be in use that would need to be returned. In these instances, when we are not in charge of take down, we will bill for
the equipment. Payment will be returned once the equipment has bees safely returned unharmed.